Klitschko beat Gomez and offended his daughter

Vitali Klitschko defended his champion title on the WBC version of Cubans in the fight against Juan Carlos Gomez. On the night of Sunday in Stuttgart elder of the two Ukrainian brothers boxer knockout in the ninth round of his opponent.

Spending the first two rounds at vyaluyu exploration in the third Vitali began to diligently vytselivat Gomez. But how to get in yurkogo Cubans he did not succeeded. Klitschko excelling in speed and maneuverability, Gomez finish away from zubodrobitelnyh shots right fist opponent, and is traditionally a dangerous left hand Vitaly this time did not have the usual meanings: southpaw Gomez box in the rack, unaccustomed Ukrainians.

Nevertheless, several times Klitschko was able to get a good idea to face the Cubans, Gomez's right eye began to gradually zatekat. In addition, boxers clashed heads fail, the two were dissect. During the break between the rounds of doctors had to repair chafe under the eyebrow Gomez and the hole in the head with Klitschko.

In the seventh round of Ukrainian uppercut sent the opponent in the knock-down, but he wait until the referee count all of the figures was able to enter the clinch and did not give Klitschko achieve themselves. After another clash of heads of rivals in the early ninth round judge found that the actions Klitchko malice, and made a remark Vitaly, removing from it one point. Razozlenny this boxer literally rushed to Gomez and adopted indiscriminately lupit it with both hands, not caring much about the accuracy of attacks. The result will not be slow to say: first, Cubans once again land in the knock-down, and then the referee just stopped the fight, turning in uniform beating. Champion title went to the Klitschko.

After the fight Gomez rejoiced and sadness simultaneously. Happy that off easily, and sadness because of what had been unable to contain the word that gave his daughter.

- Forgive me, daughter! - Due to a Cuban. - Classmates and friends, all told daughter that Vitali beat me. I promised that this will not happen, but he could not contain the word. My girl, you are great, you have eleven years, I hope you will understand me. After all, your father beat this giant!

Klitschko if asked to, after the battle, the only correspondence to Nikolai Valuev:

- Now I want to fight with Nikolai. We speak with the brother of three of the four world champion titles in the heavyweight weight, but want to collect all four of the family. Therefore, I am now only interested in a fight with Valuev.

Actually, the following should be the enemy of Vitaly Russian Oleg Maskaev, but the commercial component of the fight which is lower than that of a potential fight with Valuev. Advertisers and television fight between Klitschko and Maskaevym simply uninteresting, a lot of money under this sign do not gather. Hence the skepticism about the pronouncements Vitali next opponent.