In New York, arrested messenger from the future

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In New York arrested 44-year-old Andrew Karlsin, which has invested 800 dollars in two weeks had a portfolio of shares, which were valued at 350 million, transfers

Andrew argues that came out in 2256, so each of the 126 deals done to them, it was successful - he just knew in advance what actions will increase in price.

«Knowing that your era was marked by the worst in the history of the stock market collapsed and we have a common. Therefore, each armed with information on your favorite stocks, may skolotit in this state. Temptation hard to resist. I had planned to look natural, but did not resist and fell », - he says.

Karlsin suggested that the investigators: it provides a «history» of the whereabouts of bin Laden and AIDS drugs. In exchange - get the freedom and opportunity to get to your time machine to go back home.

Officials from the Securities USA sure all the stories «traveler in time» - hoax. However, on condition of anonymity a senior official told that no information about the existence of Andrew Karlsina until recently has not been found.

Meanwhile, Andrew Karlsin has been so well-known through media personage, that he even devoted an article to the English "Wikipedia". It is said that this mythical "Hero" first appeared in the publication of Weekly World News, specializing in this type of sweepstakes. Then the text was published on Yahoo. In the original story was intended to Karlsina 1 April 2000.