The best widgets for Opera 10


As with the add-ons for Firefox, Opera also has a web site that collects a variety of widgets for every need: news, games, music, web development tools, timing information etc.

The Opera Widgets are small programs that, once started, are placed on the desktop and remain running until the browser is closed.

In this list I have collected the best Widgets for Opera 10.

Facebook Widget - A widget that allows you to take advantage of some features of Facebook. Get notifications, update status, view friends, etc..


Twitter Opera Widget - Provides many features in Twitter.


Google Translator - Google Translate on the desktop, translates text or web pages in more than 50 languages.

Google Suggest - As you type the first letters in the search box suggests the number of results in Google, speeding the search.


Page Rank - Entering a valid URL displays the Google Page Rank of any website.


Artist's Sketchbook - Editor to draw freehand with pencils, brushes and other tools.


Deezer Radio Player - Listen to streaming radio stations over 40 dividing genre.


WorldWebCams - Enter the name of a place and find out all the webcams available close to it.


Video Search - search videos on YouTube, DailyMotion, Veoh, Vimeo, Google Video and many others.


Torrent Powersearch - Search torrent files on multiple sites at once.


MultiGmail - Useful for managing multiple Gmail accounts, check your mail and receive notifications on the desktop.


UnitConverter - Units of measurement.


Flash Video Downloader - Allows you to download flash videos from major video-sharing sites.


ImageGrep - Search images from Flickr, Google Images, Yahoo, Ask and Phobucket.


To install a widget, simply click on the button "Launch". To start it go in the "widget" from the menu bar in Opera.

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