NASA to get ready to strike on the Moon

NASA mission to undermine the lunar soil came to a climax. On Friday at 15.31 Moscow time Centaur rocket crash into the moon in the sky and raise the pole of the lunar soil. After 4 min. it will fly a spacecraft LCROSS, which will broadcast live from the scene.

scientists and engineers of the American space agency prepared for the most important moment of the mission LCROSS. The program of recent corrections to the trajectory of the apparatus itself LCROSS already drafted and ready for transfer to the side of the moon, and now engineers are ready to turn off the internal protection unit to the apparatus was not passed in any secure or sleep on the most interesting part of this story.

At 15.31:19 Moscow two-ton Centaur at a speed of approximately 2,5 km / to crash into the center of the lunar crater Kabeus. Kinetic equivalent of 2 tons of TNT become the brightest flash of light, as well as in the crater about 20 meters and a depth of 5 m. It is estimated that the fountain almost 400 tonnes of lunar soil rises to a height of 10 km. It is for this fountain, and everything is done: scientists are going to find out what is deep lunar soil, and hope to see in it traces of ice. He will become a source of water, oxygen, and maybe even fuel for the future inhabitants of the lunar colonies.

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