Just a drop of water on me, go into your mundo.Un world where the air is crystal that can explode at any time. Where the noises are whispers in my ears and the air smells of me ti.Cada movement is unique and non-existent. Where each bubble that is created is a tear of happiness. Where there is black gold sun, the clouds of cotton and the stars become silent. And though my world there is not eternal, always, at any time, just a droplet collision with my skin estraré again in that world.
P.S. I create my own world inside the water, it's my snap and my being.

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17 октября 2009 г., 5:17

Hello back :)

Bubbles are lovely, you have to know how to appreciate them...
And yes, you can quote one of my posts as long as it is linked to my blog, and mostly, if you`ll give me the link to see what you wrote.

Thank you for stopping by