2012: The end of the world is nigh

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Congratulations to you, ladies and gentlemen, today released in the probably the most anticipated film this year - a film 2012! Fortunately for fans of the genre "film-catastrophe" is even directors like Roland Emmerich, ready to smash the whole world to hell for some $ 260 million budget. The author of such iconic Hollywood films as "Independence Day", "Patriot," "Godzilla" and "Day After Tomorrow, Roland Emmerich does not change him and in his new film Maximize the opportunities of computer graphics in order to provide for our court, probably the most entertaining version of the end of the world ...

Plot of the film is as follows: in 2009 a group of scientists shows that the flux of particles arriving at Earth from the solar wind, warms up the core of our planet, and soon it simply melt, leading to some movement there and poured some plates and, as Consequently, to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and, finally, to the global flood.

At the meeting of G8 heads of the U.S. president said the other 7 powerful nations of the impending catastrophe. Together they decide to start building an ark to save the "best" people, as well as works of art and all that is called culture, so do not worry, Shishkinskim "bear in the woods" is not in danger. Well, all right, then everything seriously. There was an ill luck - the end of the world can not be planned: as long as scientists had believed that before the disaster, there are still a few years, it was discovered that all will end in 2012 on December 21. Rulers, of course, from ordinary mortals, it all disappeared and began to quietly pack your suitcases on the ark.

Against the background of this great tragedy is unfolding before us another small tragedy of a writer by the name of Jackson (played by John Cusack), this is the Jackson wrote a book about people who survived the apocalypse, but a cruel literary criticism has not forgiven him flown romanticism and crushed him. Now he was the driver of the limousine, which carries the opposing twins of one Russian oligarch named Yuri. Jackson's wife, played by (Amanda Peet) went to a plastic surgeon, children live with her daughter still loves my father, and son, stepfather likes more. Here's a compote of everyday problems and is Jackson's life ...

Until one day, during a campaign in Eloustounsky park, he stumbles on the military "Surveyors", and one local freak did not tell him the story about the end of the world and on the ark for the salvation of men, which he initially did not believe it, until in his native California land will not start to crack, and Eloustounsky park in his eyes did not become a huge volcano. Now our hero realizes the meaning of his life.

On the way to the ark that he will see how to become a volcano of Hawaii, the Himalayas are shifted to 2000 kilometers, finds that the "best" people chosen for the ark, did not pass selection - now, just bought a place on the Ark of the 1 billion euro.

During the nearly three hours, that is this movie, not for one moment becomes boring - every minute, something explodes, burns or breaks down, the movie keeps the tension. Well, visual series, presented Emmerich, is striking in its scale and beauty. This is one of those films that you want to see in the cinema and only in the cinema, because only there you can completely immerse yourself in this incredible act and survive the end of the world with its heroes!

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