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Dead of World War I remembered

It is 91 years since the guns of WWI fell

Services of commemoration are being held around
the globe to mark the end of World War I in 1918.

Angela Merkel will become the first German chancellor to attend
the French Armistice Day event in Paris since France and her allies
defeated Germany.

In London, the Queen, politicians and armed forces chiefs will
be mark the passing of the WWI generation.

Australia have already held remembrance services, and later the
US will hold Veterans Day events.

The memorial service in London, at Westminster Abbey, is being
held following the deaths this year of the final three veterans of
the war living in the UK.

But the last surviving British World War I veteran shunned
Remembrance Day commemorations in Australia because he was against
the glorification of war, his family has said.

Claude Choules, 108, lives in a nursing home in Perth,
Australia, and in July became Britain's sole survivor from the
1914-to-1918 war, following the death of fellow veteran Harry Patch
at the age of 111.


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