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Let me now tell you that knows how to do this wonderful program!
  • Auto add followers:
    The twitter bot will add 500 new friends (twitter users that you follow) on a daily basis. 500 is the top you can add without lifting any red flags at twitter. As a result of following these new people then in return many of those will follow you back. Most users of Tweetlater have also set this function by default to follow those who follow them. For every 500 new people you follow you almost get 250-400 new followers. (These numbers may vary daily). But since The Twitter Bot Friend Adder can handle multiple accounts, if you have let's say 10 twitter accounts you will be getting about 2,500-4,000 NEW followers PER DAY or more, AUTOMATICALLY without lifting a finger, even when you go to bed :)
  • Auto Unfollow those who are not following you:
    You might say "What happens with those who don't follow me back?..." - No worries, Twitter Bot Friend Adder has a smart function just for these people. Once per week you can instruct twitter bot, to unfollow those who don't follow. Go for a walk, or go to bed, rest asure that twitter bot will get rid of those who don't follow you back and will keep only those who follow. (it will do that for all your twitter accounts)
  • Auto Follow those who follow you:
    Yes! Twitter Bot can do that too. They follow you? You can follow them back if you want in a completely automatic process.
  • Follow Top 100 People from your Country (by time zone):
    Create an account and follow people from your own country.
  • Graph Stats:
    You may see in Graphical stats your twitter account followers increasing or not.
  • Auto Follow By Keyword Search:
    That's Right! Twitter Bot can search in the profiles and old send messages for keywords you want and then follow these people if the keywords have been found. So for example if you want to follow people that leave in "New York" then just search for New York in the twitter profiles and twitter bot will add them automatically in your account. Or if you want to add people that deal with marketing, just search for "Marketing" in their profile and their messages.
  • Auto Update your status every X minutes from a Text file with pre-made messages:
    Yes!!! That's the best part of the Twitter Bot. You can create a text file with your notepad, with as many messages you want (of 140 characters/message) and let the twitter bot to start your marketing to thousands of people(for all your twitter accounts), while you can do your favorite sport, or watch TV, or work on a project. It can do that in random times so it doesn't lift any red flags in twitter for spam.
  • Auto reply every X seconds:
    Again you can create a text file with notepad, with messages(of 140 characters/message) that you want to send as replies to the people who send you tweets and use the time delay to reply(for all your twitter accounts), so it looks like it comes normaly by human as it takes some time to reply :)
  • Auto Direct Messages (auto DM) from a list of pre-made messages from a Text file
    That's right. Create a new text file or use those you have for the above functions, and send DMs (Direct messages) to your followers (for all your twitter accounts). The direct messages are going to the follower's email and it can only be seen by the follower who receives this message and it doesn't show in the public profile are of twitter.
  • Auto Direct Messages, Auto reply, Auto Status update From RSS 2.0 and ATOM.XML online Feeds
    New feature added since version 2.1 that will fetch new content from your wordpress blogs, (unlimited number of feeds that you save in a TXT file), and before it post the message in the twitter it will short the URL using a similar service of, This way everytime you update your blog, the twitter bot will post in your twitter accounts your new content with a short URL to save chars in the post. So if you can schedule somehow your blog to fetch automated content from the Internet, then the twitter bot will make sure that you get traffic from to your new posts.
  • Keyword Trends:
    Find out the most used keywords in twitter today (What's hot today in twitter). You can filter the keywords that you don't want to see results for, and then let the twitter bot to find for you the keywords that was used in the last 24 hours in twitter and how many times each keyword was used.
  • Multiple accounts handling:
    No matter if you have one account or thousands of accounts. Twitter Bot can handle all of them in the background doing all the functions mentioned above.
  • Works with proxies or Real IP:
    Are you one of these people that are obsessed to hide their tracks on the Internet? The twitter bot can run behind proxies. You set a text file with a list of proxies in format IP:Port (ex. and the twitter bot will first check to see which of them are working, and then it will use the working ones to login to your accounts and do the functions that you neet it to do. It will rotate the proxies at each account so it looks like each account is in a different country and it is a different person. (Cool for spammers), but PLEASE DO NOT use twitter bot for SPAM.
  • New Feature since V.4.0 - Stop following those who spam
    The bot will check your twitter time line every few minutes for friends or followers that post the same message over and over again and it will stop follow these people automatically

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