The French were advised not to use Internet Explorer

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Government of France after the German authorities have warned users about the dangers of Internet Explorer from the discovery in this browser vulnerabilities and advised to move to one of the alternative products.

 The French authorities advised citizens not to use the browser Internet Explorer at Microsoft. Residents of France's proposed move to alternative browsers. About it writes The Wall Street Journal.

Cause of concern of French officials was discovered in a browser vulnerability that allowed an unknown hacker in December 2009 to break the internal system of Google. The government of Germany has also recently advised against the citizens use Internet Explorer.

In a statement issued by Microsoft confirmed the existence of vulnerabilities, but the representatives of the company instead of switching to other programs of the Council only update the version of Internet Explorer to the last, eighth. Users of the sixth version of the browser is recommended to raise the security settings to "high" level.

The main alternative browsers are Firefox, Opera and Safari. The first two of which occupy more than 10 percent of a browser market each.

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