You are doing wrong way.

Another collection of people doing mistakes are arrived. Just check and start laughing at it.
This sport is not for you, you are doing wrong.
It is shark, you are doing wrong.

Didn’t pass in audition? You are doing wrong.

View water fall in wrong way.

Horse riding, its wrong.

Cheap grass for your farm, you are doing wrong.

Time pass at cockpit? You are doing wrong

Testing a new sword? You are doing it wrong

The road is end, watch in front..

Rest at road side? Wrong way

Bicycle race, You  are doing wrong

Sexy pose?? Wrong

Car race, you are doing it wrong

Paper dress? Its going to rain in few minutes.

Museum? You are doing wrong.

Mouth freshner? No its spray color

Too much load, you are doing it wrong.

Feeding a lion cub? You are doing it wrong.

Baby sitting? or sitting on baby?

Family tour? Its wrong way

Emotional drama.. You are doing wrong.

Wrong catch..

Breakfast? You are doing wrong.