How to kiss!

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Today more and more attention is paid to various techniques of approximation of yourself - home-usual - to the ideal. Books, websites, training, dedicated to getting rid of the shortcomings and merits of an operating time, affect a variety of topics. Today, we not only get rid of excess weight, acne and complexes. We are trying to achieve absolute perfection in such an intimate, even sacred area, like love. Today we are trying to be, neither more nor less, the goddess of sex.

At any site, addressed to the modern women, it is easy to find a lot of recommendations on the ideal demeanor in bed and the tricks that you can hit the spot most fastidious lover. However, for some unknown reason so little attention is paid to kiss - the first step to a "box of love."

We are looking for a hundred and one way to orgasm and perfect its mastery of intimate massage, but do not think how to start a relationship, how to make them very tender, very sweet phase unforgettable.

So, the kiss - how much of this word ... He can be passionate and tender, bitter sadness of farewell, or swirling the sign of the long-awaited meeting. When you kiss, do not need to imitate unearthly bliss. If it is - it is evident from the fact sparkle that danced in your eyes. This is - in every look, every gesture, in the jim-skin, the butterflies in the stomach and uneven, a little nervous rhythm, that knock the heart ... A wise man called the kiss "by contact Souls

We know how to kiss from birth and to teach the art of kissing, in principle, not necessary: this way to show their feelings laid in human nature. However, there are always those who are not confident in their abilities. Those who believe that a kiss - their weak point. They are a few handy tips.

Strangely enough, learn to kiss properly sometimes have not only the romantic-minded girl students, who lack experience. It sometimes happens that a woman is not too fond of kissing because he does not know how to get them pleasure. Such a woman is easy to calculate: it is limited to a cursory kiss. She does not like "sentimental slop" like kisses on the neck, back. Dislike of such gestures and kisses said, first of all, the self-doubt and undisclosed femininity.

When a woman feels desired, it is ready to accept and give affection. Kiss for her - one of the ways to be closer to her beloved man. This does not necessarily tie a knot language eager to bite his lip or partner, that he realized what a sultry woman he got ...

So, you want to learn how to kiss properly? First, remove all rules that are deposited in the subcortex of the curriculum: how many times to put across the language in the mouth favorite, how to tilt your head. Think of the kiss, and as a proof of love, and as a challenge. If you want a man "primer" on you here to stay, make your first kiss, first - very gentle, even hesitant, then - quite passionate. There can and gently bite of her lip, you can lightly touch the hair with a partner, just drag it to yourself. Define the reaction partner, that he was closer - tenderness or passion.

The beauty of the kiss that he gives the feel, so if the person you decide to touch souls. If it is - he will crawl, and even a kind of electricity between you and the energy that will not allow you to break away from the favorite for a long time. Kiss should not be just technically gesture - the language or not, should not be a mechanical action that demonstrates your eroticism.

Kiss should not be limited only by contact of lips. On the neck, behind the ears and the back is the mass of human erogenous zones. Touch it first with your fingertips, then - with his lips. Do not be afraid to show his desire enveloped him in the form of the game!

Do you want an unbeatable kiss? Right now, close your eyes and think of the man whom you love. Probably you often see his face, closing his eyes. So think about it and imagine his eyes, feel his scent, hear his voice. Virtually you have wanted to kiss him. When this feature is to provide real, imagine that you see him last time, it is - your chance to say farewell "love" ... Now, kiss, aware of the value of the beloved and the possibility of losing him. You'll see, feel - a great and He will feel this!

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