Natasha Richardson (1964-2009)

She died as a result of a very strange accident during a lesson on the Alpine skiing near Montreal.
A wonderful actress. The daughter of Vanessa Redgrave (as is the granddaughter of Michael Redgrave, playing in an early Hitchcock films, shekspirovkogo actor) and director Tony Richardson. The wife of Liam Nisan. Remaining two children.
Slightly less than a year ago at the London National Theater was the play "The Year of Magical Thinking" - monospektakl Vanessa Redgrave, the heroine who lost her husband and daughter.

Mystical prophecy as it may seem scary, come true. This daughter of Vanessa Redgrave - actress Natasha Richardson - died yesterday after a tragic fall while skiing in the ski ...

It does not often appear on the screen and on stage, although her account is a very good role.

It is now the most memorable movie "White Countess", with Natasha Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave, her mother and aunt Lynn Redgrave - they all play members of a family of Russian aristocrats in Shanghai. Rare and very effective "family" move, but those acting dynasties in the world, too little.

I do not know how this tragedy will take Vanessa Redgrave, who is almost his entire life devoted to others' misery and misfortune overtook her now very ...
PS Of course, it is unknown where and what we nastignet, but please keep themselves not only on the black trails.


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  Coffee Maker

31 марта 2009 г., 9:27

She was great in the Parent Trap and a the White Countess... RIP Natasha