Hit-parade of failed Internet projects with budgets of millions.

1. Boo.com - Brand implementation of expensive clothes.

Spent: 6 months $ 135 million

Results: When Boo.com went bankrupt, they had their creditors more than $ 21 million all software and technologies they have purchased for $ 70mln. was sold for $ 250 thousand.

What went wrong? In times of 56k modems, they created a site using Javascript and Flash technology, so users could not download the years of their pages, but even they are already hired 400 employees, if necessary, only in 30. Boo.com actively promoted itself as an international trading house, and as a result he had to deal with multiple languages, currencies and tax systems.

In May 2007, Boo.com vozrazhden, but as a tourist network.

2. eToys.com - Selling toys online.

Spent: The 4-year $ 166 million

Results: Shares fell from $ 84 in October to 9 cents per share in February 2001.

What went wrong? eToys, and Pets.com, spent millions on advertising, marketing, technology and the battle with competitors. And, as in many other cases, cost the company far outweigh the income, but investors have to look for other "golden eggs".

3. Flooz.com - online currency converter: "Can you lend me a little Flooz?"

Spent: over 3 years $ 50 million

Results: move comedienne Vupi Goldberg. There Flooz 2,5 years. Russian mafia Flooz used for money laundering!

What went wrong? The system of online payments Flooz.com issuance of virtual cash that could be spent in online shopping. Because everyone, and so pay at the store with the help of a plastic card, it is unclear why you need to buy "electronic money".

What now: hanging feed.

4. HavenWorks.com - news portal.

Spent: the last 9 years, $ 120,000 a year (ie more than one lyama).

Results: Home weighs more than 800 kb! (now reached 846.84 kb and 625 images, slapjack as HTTP-queries, the result of testing for validity: 2318 errors, 23 warnings, no sofa, solid matrix). More than 3600 votes for what would be called a design HavenWorks the worst in the network.

What went wrong? Surprisingly, the site had lived more than 9 years! HavenWorks more like a box of chocolates, than a news site. Alive and posey day, be sure to visit this wonder of the site.

5. Kibu.com - On-line communication for girls tineydzherov: «fashion, music, boys»

Spent: Less than a year, $ 22mln.

Results: Prikol is that the closure of a Web portal was exactly 46 days after the festive party in honor of its opening.

What went wrong? Fantastic failure. From boom to zero in less than a year. Someone said that Kibu.com became a victim of falling financial markets.

6. Kozmo.com - free delivery of any product more expensive than 10 dollars per hour.

Spent: More than $ 280 for 3 years.

Results: The Example of how a good idea becomes a bad thing. Online supermarket and delivery service Kozmo.com was this finding for the residents of American cities: in one store could order everything you need, from pizza and videos, and one hour free courier to deliver the goods to your home. Amazon has invested in Kozmo $ 60 million increased to 7 cities in the United States. More than 1100 workers. Advertising on TV.

What went wrong? The company is very late to realize that its main advantage - free delivery - was also the main drawback. Delivery package chips on the other end of the city cost the shop is too expensive. Even when the company introduced a minimum order amount of $ 10, this has not prevented the company to bankruptcy in March 2001. From investments of $ 280 million is nothing left, and 1100 employees in seven cities had been dismissed.

7. Microsoft live search-retrieval system.

Results: Repeated attempts to buy out Yahoo. To tempt users were running 2 programs: Cashback and SearchPerk. Cashback was launched in May 2008, and almost no effect on the attendance of a site. SearchPerk was launched on 1 st October and too little help.

What went wrong? Search results, and to this day, such that users have no incentive to use it! On the Live Search search market is less than 10%.

8. Pets.com - For Sale pobryakushek for pets.

Spent: 2 years for $ 82.5 million

Results: The most popular online store for pets. A famous sock puppet of, appeared in advertisements on television. Conducted a superbowl ad, stoivshy $ 1.2 million online store Pets.com has collected $ 82.5 million in February 2000, and destroy 9 months later.

What went wrong? Unsustainable business model. Who will wait until after 2 days it comes to filling the toilet when his cat had zalila entire floor in the kitchen?

9. Webvan - the sale and delivery of products to the U.S..

Results: starting with $ 1.2 billion and 4 500 workers the company went bankrupt in less than 2 years. Over the course of several months, their shares fell from $ 30 up to 6 cents.

What went wrong? When capitalization reached $ 1 billion, the company announced a plan to expand network in 26 cities, but was unable to reach "zero", because the grocery trade in the West is extremely low margins.