World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is celebrated annually on 21 March. The first such day was held at the initiative of UNESCO in 2000 in Paris. The main purpose of the celebration of World Poetry Day is to promote linguistic diversity and support endangered languages through poetry.
In addition, the Day aims to promote poetry, and a return to the oral tradition of poetry readings, poetry, teaching, the restoration of dialogue between poetry and other arts such as theater, dance, music, painting, as well as the promotion of publishing and creating a positive image in the media Poetry as a truly contemporary art, open to people.
Also today, the World Day of sleep. It is held within the framework of the World Health Organization (WHO), because statistics are suffering from insomnia for more than 10% of the population of industrialized countries, but every second adult inhabitant of the earth there are one or more symptoms of sleep disorders.

It is believed that modern man nedosypaet due to an increase in mental and physical activities. In XIX century people slept for 10 hours a day, with a schedule of sleep depending on the daylight hours, show records of those times, passes.

Define, empty or not, I may say so: if he sleeps at night in less than five minutes, then he has a lack of sleep. The ideal sleep time - 10 to 15 minutes.

Norm Sleep for the modern man of middle age - 8 hours old enough 6 hours of sleep. Adolescents should sleep 10 hours a day, the same standard required to sleep and young children. Some psychologists believe that women need extra hour of sleep, because they are more prone to depression than men.
To prevent insomnia is to observe simple advice: Always go to bed at the same time, ventilate the room before going to bed, do not drink coffee and do not load up before going to bed. The bed should be comfortable, a mattress - firm, cushion - small size.
It is believed that the "somnolent" products are bananas, mashed potatoes with milk, porridge, romashkovy tea, milk, honey and almonds.

March 21 also marked the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This day is held annually to address the XXI session of the UN General Assembly on 26 October 1966.

The reason for the selection of the day as the events of 21 March 1960 in South Africa. Police opened fire and killed 69 people in Sharpeville in the city held a peaceful demonstration to protest against the laws of the apartheid regime on the mandatory certification of Africans in South Africa.
Today is the International Day and the puppeteer. The idea of celebrating the world day had a prominent puppeteer puppet show Iranians Dzhivadu Zolfagariho. In 2000, XVIII Congreso UNIMA in Magdeburg, he made the proposal for discussion. Tradition Festival puppeteers from all over the world, opened on 21 March 2003.

And it is not all international days observed on 21 March. Today - also World Water Day.