Internet Explorer 8 hacked within five minutes

German hacker broken browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. This happened at the competition PWN2OWN, carried out as part of the conference CanSecWest.

Break-in Internet Explorer 8 from a German student named Nils took about five minutes. Then he got control over the computer with the Windows 7, which worked browser.

Information about the vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8, which is used by Nielsen, was transferred to Microsoft. Unknown, there is a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7, or it is found in all versions of the new browser, Microsoft.

For hacking a computer through a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 Nils was five thousand dollars. He also broken Browsers Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox, which has received over ten thousand dollars. Also Niels out a notebook Sony Vaio.

A specialist on computer security Charlie Miller on PWN2OWN broken laptop MacBook, using a vulnerability in the browser, Safari, less than ten seconds. As a reward, he received five thousand dollars and the hacked laptop.

Also under PWN2OWN passes hacking contest on mobile platforms. For breaking Smartphones running Windows Mobile, Google Android, Symbian, and iPhone and the BlackBerry, the organizers will pay ten thousand dollars.

The final version of Internet Explorer 8 was published on March 19. Anyone can download it from Microsoft. Internet Explorer 8 quickly displays Web pages and better supports web standards.