Nicolas Cage has sold the house in Los Angeles

Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage meeti...Image via Wikipedia

Nicolas Cage at whom has collected 6 million dollars of not paid debts, has sold the house which was estimated in the huge sum from 9,5 to 15 million dollars. Cage has got it for 6,5 million in 1998 and expected to receive 35 million, however the situation in the market at all didn't promote favourable sale. On transactions with the real estate Cage has lost the big money. He has been compelled to sell the Bavarian lock of XI century for 2,5 million dollars that on 150 thousand is cheaper, than the purchase price; таунхаус, got for 6,2 million in 2007, in March of this year Lock in Somerset is sold for 5,8 million, got by Nicolas for 7,9 million, now is exposed on sale of all for 5,8 million. Last week the actor has submitted the claim against the former business manager, trying to collect from it 20 million losses from unprofitable investments.

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