Southwest Bypass

The steering committee of the bypass south-west (VSO) of Greater Cherbourg met Monday afternoon at the General Council.
On 1 April this same committee had decided, before any decision path of the chance of an impact assessment by a specialist firm on the agricultural sector to address the nuisances generated on the farm.
The firm, whose serious work and skill have been recognized by all, especially the agricultural world, has reported its findings to the steering committee yesterday. One route, the No. 2 is recognized, by far, by the firm as the most impact for the agricultural sector and this with virtually no consideration restorative option. It mainly affects a large farm of 136 acres with 300 cattle, farm Bénécère.
Despite this, the choice of the steering committee (with one vote, mine) has focused on route No. 2!
The worst choice that could be done against agriculture and whose impact is greater than all constraints met the 3 other proposals in the discussion! What good paying therefore a study to sit well on its findings?
For my part, I say bluntly, the choice was elsewhere and whatever the decision the proposed routes would have been the same. Since some long opposed, on the sly, without really saying so, the project coverage they see no use for their communities. "They do not need it at home" as some hinted Monday output assembly. It is true that it is difficult to speak of those roads that the bus picks up at home every morning to go to work and for whom the economy and the development of their communities is a debate that does not happen to be, they have what it takes, "there-yet-money plant".
While this road, "she goes elsewhere," it goes off, for those who want it. And if this must be hell in the air, as is the case, the operating Equeurdreville a young farmer who has invested heavily in its operations and well too bad!
To believe that the general council to more consideration for those who show the swing muscles and press releases in the form of edicts for the studies he has commissioned himself to inform elected!
Everyone knows I am an ardent supporter of the VSO, I fought the CG for this project progresses and will continue. Yet I voted against this route No. 2.
The continued operation of this young farmer was worth it not for a service territory equivalent to 800 meters more and really take into account the report of the impact of agriculture? This is not because he is alone and it makes less noise than other than Jean-Luc Feron should not be heard and listened. I will not let him down. The General Council shall make every effort to save the farm Bénécère!
Nevertheless, and ultimately it is the general counsel will make the final choice. I hope with all elements.

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