Windows 7 transplanted users on Apple products

Vice President of Apple believes that the failure of the seventh version of Windows since its release will cause people to switch to products of Apple. Issues of the new OS Windows actually stimulate sales of Apple, but the current version of "windows" managed to earn positive feedback.

Apple is waiting for the release of Windows 7 is not less than Microsoft, although the motives of the company Steve Jobs's totally different. At that time, as the software giant hopes to finally fix bug Vista, «apple" corporation expects the outflow of users who are tired of working with the products of Microsoft. Apple expects that frustrated people will go to the operating system Mac OS X, developed by that company.
Last drop

"People are fed up with the inconvenience that delivers work with Windows. So it was with Vista, so it was with XP, so it was with all the previous family of operating systems Windows », - said Apple's vice president of marketing for Mac OS X, Brian Kroll (Brian Croll), which cites the publication Cnet News.

The Apple believes that the transition from XP to "seven" would be the last straw that breaks the cup users software Microsoft. When installing the new Windows they would have to make a backup copy of all data on hard disk, since all information will be lost. In addition, the need to reinstall all the additional programs, as they will be erased during the installation of the new OS. For the ordinary user it's quite a challenge, believe in Apple.

"For people who are tired of Windows it would be a good opportunity to migrate to Mac», believes vice-president of the company.
Apple Releases Windows help

Words of Brian Kroll confirmed by statistics compiled by the analyst with research firm Broadpoint Amtech Brian Marshall (Brian Marshall), according to which releases of new versions of Windows always resulted in increased sales of Mac.

In order that the release of Windows 7 could play into the hands of Apple, agrees Enderle Group Principal Analyst Rob Enderle (Rob Enderle), although it is more cautious in his assessment: «Windows 7 is good. She has no problems, which were in Vista, so that the expanded market share due to the failure of the new Windows will be difficult, "the expert said in an interview with Reuters.
Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7

However, we can not say with certainty that users will be delighted with what they get in the Snow Leopard in the event of failure of the "windows". The new operating system Apple has left only a half months ago, and so far it is still too many holes. Recently the company Steve Jobs acknowledged that due to a malfunction of a guest account Snow Leopard erases all personal data and settings.

It should be noted that the consumers of Apple products and Microsoft are substantially different. The average user Windows - is inexperienced in the technique of the person who usually uses the programs that were preinstalled on your PC.

Adherents of the "apple" trademark is much less, but they see themselves as a technological elite and retain the loyalty of the products Apple. Typically, such people a few computers and they have experience with both Windows, and with Mac OS X.

In Microsoft had high hopes for the release of Windows 7. According to experts, the developers managed to combine in this system the best of XP and Vista. The program's interface is more friendly and understandable, while operating at high efficiency at relatively low system requirements. Advantages of "Seven" is appreciated by millions of users who have installed in their pre-release version of Windows 7, a preliminary version of which was freely available.

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