The epidemic of A/H1N1 began in Bulgaria

Epidemic of influenza A/H1N1 has started in Bulgaria, according to local media quoted the head of the department for the control of infectious diseases at the Bulgarian Ministry of Health Angela Kunchevu.

According to her, more than 80% of cases of influenza in the country infected with his new kind of A/H1N1, also known as swine flu. The number of cases is estimated at 100 thousand people. Three people who have been confirmed by the virus have died. At the same time from the usual seasonal influenza in Bulgaria die every year up to three thousand people.

About exceeded the epidemic threshold announced in the cities of Shumen and Yambol and Burgas in the east. In Shumen now about 240 ill of 10 thousand inhabitants, in Gabrovo and Varna noted approximately 175 cases per 10 thousand inhabitants.

Burgas to prevent the spread of the virus before November 6, closed schools and canceled all public events.

Health Minister Bozidar Nanev said that in hospitals and pharmacies enough antiviral drugs, but urged citizens not to engage in self and in case of complications of influenza from seeking medical attention

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