Parliament (cigarette)

parliamentsImage by malloreigh via Flickr
Cigarettes Parliament (Parliament cigarettes) manufactured by Philip Morris. Everyone knows that cigarettes this brand have a special filter holder, provides cooling of the smoke.
Cigarettes Parliament can be characterized as sharp and sticky smell. Few people know that in the manufacture of cigarettes just used high grade tobacco.
The company Philip Morris issues a collection packs of Parliament to the role of George W. Bush and Marilyn Monroe.
Cigarettes of the brands are, as usual, very popular among wealthy people over 20 years
The following varieties of Parliament are usually available: lights, full flavor, ultra lights, menthol full flavor, menthol lights, extra lights, super slims and menthol super slims.
Parliament cigarettes are usually characterized by tangy flavor and are traditionally popular in such countries as Russia, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Argentina and US. The brand first appeared in 1931 and since then has been working hard to win the hearts of its potential customers offering new designs, blends and variants.

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