Tobico flying fish roe

Fish RoeImage by chooyutshing via Flickr
Tobico flying fish roe - food only Japanese. And indeed, they are made of it, as many think, the various national dishes, including rolls, sushi and other snacks.

I also tried to land with this, as many put it, caviar in the Japanese restaurant. It would be bad if we did not notice that Tobico flying fish roe is cooked in a special sauce on, as everyone knows, the ancient national prescription, which is known only to residents of the rising sun. It is no secret that the eggs were cooked, as everyone knows, the first time 500 years ago.

And the methods of its preparation as it is known only to residents of the rising sun. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that to me and my domestic circle very like this breathtakingly delicious sauce.

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