Threatened self-immolation journalists did not have grounds for protest

Journalists' First Channel 'Elkhan Mirzoev and Oleg Ptashkin, declared a hunger strike and barricaded themselves in Wednesday (March 18) in one of the rooms television Ostankino "in protest against the violation of labor laws at his dismissal, had no right to claim compensation, since it does not consist in State television reported "Novye Izvestia", referring to unnamed sources in the administration of "First Channel".

"The fact is that Elkhan Mirzoev, and Oleg Ptashkin - both vneshtantnye staff. While on the compensation it may come only if people are laid off to reduce the state", - said companion publication. According to him, Mirzoev concluded with urgency TV contract at the end of which he gave a full account. From Ptashkinym signed a labor agreement. In doing so, three days before his discharge, he was informed about this and received compensation for unused leave.

Dismissed employees "First Channel" on Wednesday sent an open appeal to the media, which said they believe their dismissal illegal. The hungry TV argue that worked in the department of special projects over the preparation of the new ether of the "plot" and the March 2, were dismissed from their flagrant violation of their labor rights. In violation of labor legislation and Mirzoev Ptashkin accused director of the First Channel, Konstantin Ernst, the head of special projects studio Natalia Nikonov, and Olga Andreyev, director of "The Green Studio", which journalists called "pocket" the company "First Channel".

"Improper management actions are forcing us barricaded in our workplace in Ostankino and declare indefinite hunger strike. In the case of use of force against us, we have decided to commit self-immolation - oblitsya with gasoline and set fire to himself," - said in a statement television.

Dismissed employees sought to restore their positions, followed by an appropriate firing. They also reported that filed a petition to the court and filed a complaint to the President, Dmitry Medvedev, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, the Duma and the Public Chamber.