Andy Garsija's fee for Saakashvili's role is declassified

The star of Hollywood of Andy Garsija in film about war in South Ossetia last year will receive 500 thousand dollars for impersonation of the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili.

According to the Georgian mass-media, on the eve of Andy Garsija has left Tbilisi after two days of shootings. It is remarkable that the director of film of Renni Harlin will receive less – 450 thousand dollars.

The film will be доснят to the middle of November, participation in him of other legends of Hollywood of Vela Kilmer and Dina Kejna, however in what roles while it is not clear is planned.

According to the Georgian mass-media, Georgia itself has suggested Hollywood to shoot this film, however the Georgian party declares that the state doesn't finance shooting. In shootings, besides how much have precisely managed that in film there will be many battle scenes while remains as fiduciary, the opposition of Georgia speaks about 35 million dollars. Film will show in Cannes in May.

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