It would seem, the creative imagination of officials was settled, and to surprise
Automobile owners this year it any more under force. The new technical
The regulations, the increased transport tax, constant increase
Costs of fuel and the draconian customs duties on new foreign cars -
What? But we were mistaken.
Yesterday the deputy minister of economic development Andrey Klepach has declared to journalists, that Ministry of economic development and trade considers necessary to refuse the obligatory Principle of existence of alternative free roads. In opinion
The official, it is a high time for the majority of our roads to become paid, «as in
The majority of the European countries ». In which - the official has not specified,
But has informed that corresponding amendments in
The legislation of Ministry of economic development and trade prepares now. «The overall objective - attraction of investments if the payment for highways is moderated citizens will use them», - transfers of a word of the official. Business Petersburg gives even more categorical words of Klepacha: «Under the law necessarily there should be an alternative line. It is necessary to refuse this indispensable condition».
On the edition information, the first paid lines in Petersburg will appear in 2013
To year when building of new road Moscow will be finished -
Petersburg and the Western high-speed diameter. A fare on the new
To highways will make, according to the preliminary data, from 1,5 to 6,5
Rouble for kilometre.
Meanwhile, in the same Europe, on which experience
The official, at paid roads refers, as a rule, there is a free
The doubler, and in Germany, where, in the general opinion, the best roads on
Continent, and at all on all автобанах journey free. Besides, not
It is necessary to forget about where боле modest European distances and about more
High incomes of the average European.

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22 октября 2009 г., 22:46

Hello Alex (I think that is your name?) I would be pleased to have you quote a post from my blog.

Where are you in Russia? I visited there a long, long time ago when I was fourteen ... a beautiful country! The balalaka I bought from there is still in my house, beside my guitar.

Roxanne (


22 октября 2009 г., 22:49

Hi, Roxanne)
And play the balalaika not tried?))