Michelle Obama May Be the Coolest First Lady Ever Holly Bailey

Forget President Obama’s basketball skills. Check out this photo of Michelle Obama playing double Dutch at the White House yesterday. And that’s not all she did. The first lady also Hula-Hooped—142 swirls, according to AP— and apparently tried to walk on a tightrope. She even ran an obstacle course—all in front of cameras.(Here's the video.) Even your Gaggler wouldn’t do that—though, we must say the Hula-Hoop has always been one of our faves, too. Bigger picture: can you imagine any other first lady doing something like this? Laura Bush? Jackie O? All of this makes us wonder: could Michelle beat Barack at basketball? Bet she could. More photos after the jump.


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26 октября 2009 г., 16:17

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26 октября 2009 г., 16:43

hehe, Michelle is your new sweetheart?!